How to get people on your email list to buy your services, WITHOUT FORCEFULLY SELLING YOURSELF

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This article covers how to get your email list subscribers to start purchasing your products or services WITHOUT FORCEFULLY SELLING YOURSELF!


  • Have people on your email list that are not actively customers, but you know they could benefit from what you have to sell
  • Have business goals that include growing the purchasing rate of those who have expressed interest in you services. Also for previous customers that you want to resell to.
  • Want to be top of mind when your potential customers are ready to purchase.

Typically when a person first lands on your website, this will be early on in their buying cycle and they will not be ready to make a purchase. This doesn't necessarily mean they would never purchase from you, it just means they may not be ready to purchase from you TODAY. This is why it is critical to generate great lead generating content and tactics on your website so that website visitors give you their contact information so that you can follow-up with them later. 

But the mistake that most amateur marketers make is to follow-up with emails that say "buy my product, buy my product, buy my product." This kind of strategy is exactly what makes people unsubscribe from your email mailing list. This is the last thing you want after working so hard to get them on your list.

So, how do you get your potential customers to buy without forcefully selling yourself?




Just as you have given your contact to Sharp Edge in exchange for this helpful article. You can use the same concept to draw in your new clients. You want to create the right kind of bait on your site so that you reel in the right kind of customers and while repelling the wrong kind of customers. Sharp Edge works with interior designers which is why you are reading this article now, we have setup a highly targeted content marketing system. You can do the same for your business. 


The easiest and one of the most effective types of lead generators you can plant in your website is Free Information. A “how-to” informational guide that your targeted customer segment will find useful. Free information almost always works as a lead generator because:

  • Giving free information positions you as an expert and therefore establishes you as an industry authority
  • Free information builds trust and rapport.

When you give away free information to your prospects. It causes them to see you as an authority figure within the interior designer market. When you can teach your prospects through free information, this greatly increases your chances of them hiring you for your services. It makes potential customers thankful for the info and therefore more inclined to like you.

  • Many people want to know how to do something, rather than doing it themselves.

Don't worry about "giving away your secrets" most people don't have the time, skill or desire to complete tasks themselves. By spreading great information, it will make people value what you do more.  

  • Giving away free information is very inexpensive if not free to send out

Tips and tricks can be delivered through a downloadable PDF, a Youtube video and so many other mediums which I will list below. This can be much cheaper than sending out tangible items, like printed pamphlets for your potential customers to consume

  • Free information allows you to integrate selling through education Everyone loves to buy, but everyone hates to be sold to. By selling through teaching, you pull people into coming to a buying decision on their own instead of pressuring them into it. Therefore people do not feel as if they were sold to. This makes them happier customers.


You want to provide great powerful information that provides your prospects with results before they even invest in your services and that pulls them into making a buying decision. With this in mind, your main content marketing goal should be to help get people results. Even if it’s just a small accomplishment compared to where they ultimately want to end up with. By helping them start seeing results for free, this builds your reputation and therefore it's useful even if they don’t buy from you right away. You will be more likely to be top of mind when they are ready to splash some cash.  


I am listing below a few great topics to help inspire what kind of Free Information you can give out as an interior designer or decorator. Also check out the different ways you can deliver your free information to your new potential clients.


Need Inspiration? Get Your Wheels Spinning!

Not sure what to write about? Think of your own or other professional’s previous success stories or case studies. Perhaps you can generate a “How-to” training document. Process maps for carrying out particular DIY projects. Resource guides also make great info packs for your customers.


Example Free Information Topics

Ex A professional's guide to remodelling a century-old Toronto home

Ex. How to use colours, shelving and lighting to make the most out of a small bedroom

Ex. How to give your living room a makeover in 5 simple steps.


You can deliver your free information through any or all of these methods:

  • Email
  • Blog post
  • E-Book or PDF
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Screen capture video
  • Webinar
  • Interviews with other professionals


Remember: The way you deliver, doesn’t matter nearly as much as the content that you put within that medium. Your content is king. Also keep in mind, there’s no reason to just have one baiting system on your site. The more tactics for bribing customers to give their contact info, the more opportunities you will have of convincing people to join your email list. 


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